• Classic topiary shapes (spirals, column, 2 or 3 ball, pom pom, double helix to name a few)
  • Sculptured topiary (dolphins, swan, heron, seals & much more)
  • Custom topiary (if you can dream it we can build it)
  • Moss sculptures (slugs, parrots, snail, bears to name a few)
  • Ceramic pots
  • Bonsai pots, books, & supplies
  • Bronze sculptures & water features
  • Kinetic art sculptures
  • Water bowls, bubblers, pumps, misters & tubing
  • Solid granite pagodas
  • Container gardens –deck planters, lave rock gardens, succulent planters
  • Garden décor – floaters, wind chimes, ornaments etc    

Unique metal art sold at our store is made by Frank:

Frank Kincses grew up on Vancouver Island and has been using nature as his inspiration to create art since childhood.  In 1972 he became a landscape contractor after completing an apprenticeship, and in 1993 he invented and patented a landscape machine.

For the past 20 years he has been passionately creating art in his studio working with many different materials.  His favourite material to work with is metal and rock.  Frank’s proficiency with a  variety of materials, techniques and styles has contributed to his distinguished reputation as a creative and reliable artisan/craftsman.


3923 Victoria Ave., Nanaimo, BC, V9T 2A1
Tel.: 250-729-0211